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BooBinding for SharpDevelop

This is the home of the BooBinding for SharpDevelop,
The latest sourcecode is in the official boo repository at, here you can get slightly older binaries and source.

Boo is a new object oriented statically typed programming language for the .NET framework with a python inspired syntax and a special focus on language and compiler extensibility.
Boo Homepage
At the moment BooBinding includes syntax highlighting, code completion, project templates, a C# to Boo converter and a Boo interpreter pad.
We use the google group boolang for discussion of boo and BooBinding.

I recommend using SharpDevelop 2.0; it has a completely new version of BooBinding with Forms Designer already included!

You can get BooBinding here: (Last Update: December 27, 2005; Boo
Sourcecode for SharpDevelop 1.1 RC 1 (

Binaries for BooBinding für SharpDevelop 1.1 RC 1 ( are not available anymore, please use SharpDevelop 2. The sourcecode of BooBinding for SharpDevelop 2 is included in the source code download of SharpDevelop.